"If these walls could speak..."

“...they would tell a story of two friends.” With a love for building and creating, Patrick Burger and Gary Weil came together to share their passion for crafting traditional beers. Patrick, an engineer and hydrologist, started brewing in 1993 as a creative outlet. His family and friends admired and appreciated the delicious results! Gary, a microbiologist, started brewing after his wife gave him a brewing kit in 2007. His first brews, crafted with precision and care, won prizes in the state of Iowa. In 2009, these two beer-loving friends began brewing together. Over time this grew into a friendship that planted the seeds for what is now Cypress & Grove Brewing Company. With the support and help of Sally Adkins, Anna Heineman, and their families and friends, the corner of Cypress Avenue & Grove Street became the studio for their innovative endeavors. You will find them dreaming, building, learning, and inventing as the Grove continues to blossom.


Our beer crafting style honors great flavors and classic European beers. Using the four ingredients of water, malted barley, hops, and yeast, our team aims to create delicious brews that can be enjoyed and shared with the Gainesville community. Beneath our historic building lies the 400 feet well that pumps freshwater (any beer’s most essential ingredient) from the Florida aquifer. This retired ice house seemed like the perfect place for Patrick and Gary to begin their brewery, which lead to their purchase of it in 2015. This landmark building was dilapidated with failing trusses, caved in roofs, rotted flooring, years of abandoned debris, and a long-neglected well. Today, in the same space, people gather over a pint of beer or seltzer brewed from the same well used in 1903 when the ice house was first founded. Family and friends sit at tables and bar stands built from the wood beams of the ice factory roof and the steel railing from the custom-designed shipping containers that delivered our brewing vessels. Many have worked hard to revive and transform this structure into a place for instilling new traditions, coming together, and sharing of ideas. We are grateful for the many seeds that have taken root in this space and appreciate the community that continues to rejuvenate the well along with our brewing dreams.